This is 'The Escape' - A concept and the idea that we are all united by music - 'The Escape' is not just a collective of like minded people, but also a way of life, it stands for something. This is the future, and we are the ones who create it.

Dedicated to the life and the music, with a theatrical live show and heart pumping sounds; THIS is why HEX won the Yamaha award for Britain’s Best Unsigned Band in 2014! Since then they have had an E.P licensed as the soundtrack to an american film as well as playing live on BBC Two television at the Houses of parliament and scoring official endorsements with Yamaha, Orange Amplification, Cosmic Ears and IK Multimedia.

Now with this début single, produced alongside Grammy award winner Robin Millar (Sting, Sàde, Big Country) and their new status as a music producing international artist and collaborator, it seems HEX have no boundaries. A loyal collective known as 'The Escape' share in the idea that this is a lifestyle and a concept to be part of, to define the future.

This is what drives HEX forward as the genre defining artist they set out to become!